International Forest Co.

Red River Specialties

Kevin Tucker

Conway, AR -
Phone Number (800) 256-3344
Phone (318) 425-5944
Fax (318) 227-3032
Email 85f48fcd-a743-40bc-a089-2d34ee204cb2
Company Description

Red River Specialties, Inc. distributes herbicides in the forestry, industrial, aquatic, right-of-way, and range and pasture markets. With salespeople and warehouses located throughout the U.S., our people and our products are available when you need them. As the industry leader in forestry herbicide distribution, Red River Specialties offers professional, site specific herbicide prescription and turnkey application services. As an authorized distributor for every major forestry herbicide manufacturer, we provide trouble-free service to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and success. Whatever your market segment requirements may be, our local team of experts will assist you with customer service that exceeds your expectations.  Call us Toll Free: 1-800-256-3344

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