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Alpha Services LLC

Elona Cervantes

23423 Hwy 15
Union, MS 39332-
Phone Number (601) 774-7455
Fax (601) 774-5297
Email 0e2590e3-3e92-4793-947c-c93b8c9b4268
Company Description

Alpha Services, LLC is a forestry labor service company.  Alpha is proud to be one of the top forestry service providers in the country.  Having learned from experience the best methods in providing high quality services with affordable rates, Alpha is able to provide flexible solutions to assist our clients in meeting their objectives.  Alpha has, over the life of our company, continued to rise above obstacles and pulled through each season with a calculated plan on how to make the next even better.  Being a part of the most regulated industry in the United States means always being one step ahead.  We are able to provide hand tree planting, pre-commercial thinning, commercial pruning, herbaceous weed control, right-of-way maintenance, hazardous tree removal, kudzu treatment, and much, much more!

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