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Davis DuBose Knight Forestry & Real Estate's headquarters is in Little Rock, AR with field offices in Monticello, AR and Texarkana, TX. We specialize in providing forestry consulting and management, real estate brokerage services, timber and land appraisals.

Real Estate Services-  The staff of Davis DuBose Knight Forestry & Real Estate specializes in marketing and acquisition of timberland, farmland, and hunting/recreational properties. Our staff has over 60 years of combined real estate brokerage experience. Our agents provide professional and quality real estate services, creating a marketing plan or acquisition recommendation for each tract.

Our database of land and timber buyers, coupled with unique and innovative marketing campaigns, helps identify potential buyers, delivering market premium values for your property. Whether you are selling or considering an acquisition, we welcome the opportunity to represent you in your rural real estate transactions.

Forestry Services - We provide an accurate, reliable assessment of the health and value of forestland you own or are considering acquiring. Using aerial photography, computer-calculated cruise data, financial analysis and decades of on-the-ground experience, we deliver an objective assessment, enabling you to make informed decisions.

We create strategic plans designed for your ownership objectives. Employing state-of-the-art timber inventory tracking tools, we continually update your growth and yield projection, keeping your management plan current. Our firm remains on the forefront of the industry using scientific advancements in reforestation techniques, herbicides, and genetic improvements.

Growing trees in a healthy ecosystem is only half the challenge. Marketing your timber or forestland tracts at the right time and in the best way is critical for maximum profitability. Constant monitoring of the market enables us to sell timber or forestland at the best possible time.

Accurate, reliable assessment of health, vigor, and value of forestland you own or are considering acquiring is accomplished through the use of aerial photography, computer calculated cruise data, financial analysis, and years of on the ground experience. These tools help provide an objective assessment leading you to the right decision.

Appraisers- Davis DuBose Knight Forestry and Real Estate has a staff of appraisers ready to service any of your appraisal needs such as:

  • Property purchase or sale
  • Estate planning
  • Settling an estate
  • Collateral loan purposes
  • Investment planning
  • Oil or gas lease site appraisals.

Appraisals include timber inventory, comparable sales, and a breakdown of values of different species, quality, and estimated values.

A solid valuation of both merchantable and pre-merchantable timber is critical to your investment's success. Determining these values should be done by a professional consultant, and you can trust Davis DuBose Knight to give you accurate timber valuations for your specific needs. Contact us to discuss the valuation process with one of our professional foresters.

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