Green Bay Packaging

  • Nova Scroggins
  • Office Manager – Fiber Resource Division
  • Fiber Resource Division
    P.O. Box 711
    Morrilton, AR 72110-0711
  • (501) 354-2461
  • (501) 354-2047
Company Description

Green Bay Packaging is a leader in the paper and packaging industry with more than 40 individual operations in 16 states and Mexico. In Arkansas, the operations include Arkansas Kraft Division, Pinecrest Lumber Division, Fiber Resource Division, and Pinecrest Slitting Division. Fiber Resource Division is responsible for managing Green Bay Packaging’s timberlands and the supply of raw materials to the other divisions. Arkansas Kraft Division provides linerboard and medium to GBP’s box plants, as well as, other industry partners.

Green Bay Packaging is committed to environmental sustainability and the communities in which we live, serve, and play. Our employees and customers are our most valued assets.



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  • Southern Yellow Pine

Pulp & Paper

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