Ledkins Insurance Agency LLC

Company Description

Since 1985 Ledkins Insurance Agency, LLC has been writing Competitive Insurance for the Logger and Trucker!

Products offered (Automobile, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Equipment, Umbrella and Commercial Property)

Give us a call and let us tailor an Insurance Plan for your business whether it be an existing business or a new start up business!

We have the coverages you need for the Mills!
Offices in AL and MS

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Monthly Payment  plans and monthly reporting on Worker's Compensation


Chemical Applicators

  • Chemical Applicators

Equipment Dealers

  • Equipment Dealers
  • Truck & Trailer


  • Flooring

Forestry Consultants

  • Forestry Consultants


  • Insurance

Logging Contractors

  • Logging Contractors


  • Band Mill
  • Broker
  • Building Product Distribution
  • Cabinet Shop
  • Charcoal Plant
  • Chip Mill
  • Container and / or Pallet Mill
  • Crating
  • Engineered Wood Plant
  • Flooring Mill
  • Furniture Plant
  • Glulam Beam
  • Handle Mill
  • Kiln Drying Yard
  • Lamination Plant
  • Lumber
  • Millwork
  • Misc. Products
  • Mulch Plant
  • OSB Mill
  • Pallet Manufacturing
  • Pallet Mill
  • Paper Converter
  • Paper Mill
  • Pellet Mill
  • Planer Mill
  • Plywood Mill
  • Pole Mill / Yard
  • Reman mill
  • Resaw Mill
  • Shavings Mill
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Treating Plant
  • Truss Mill
  • Veneer Mill

Pellet Manufacturing

  • Pellet Manufacturing


  • Reforestation


  • Sawmills

Timber Buyers

  • Timber Buyers


  • Trucking

Used Equipment

  • Used Equipment