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The ultra efficient Delimbinator is the most efficient method of delimbing pulpwood species.  When you need to delimb quantities of small stems the Delimbinator excels.  No more pushing, pulling, jerking and snatching small stems in a pull through delimber.  You can delimb an entire grapple full in 15 seconds. Our customers report much longer service life and fewer breakdowns and repairs for their loader equipment due to the reduced wear and tear of delimbing.  This translates into significantly lower equipment cost over time. The Delimbinator gives your logging crew the ability to ramp up production as market conditions permit. Your skidders can focus on pulling full loads to the landing, instead of partial loads to back through a limbing gate.  This allows all of your equipment to work together as one efficient team. Delimbing the wood will no longer be a choke point in your pulpwood operation. The Chambers Delimbinator is engineered by loggers and will last for years in all elements. Our heavy-duty logging machines are outfitted with John Deere, diesel engines and are proudly Made in America.

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